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In this article, I want to share 16 apps that I like in ProductHunt. I sort them based on the date I found them, so it is not a comparison list. However, all of them inspire me or make me have fun for a while.

Note: I have created this list in a whole year, so I might accidentally add some non-ProductHunt products. But I promise they are nice too!

Here is my list!

1. Cunningbot

CunningBot is an app that recommends domain names for you.

2. Chartit

Chartit helps you to create beautiful charts with ease.

3. i Hate Regex

This awesome website helps you to find some regex codes for boring common tasks.

4. Safe Eyes

This is one of the apps that I still use after several months. It helps you to rest your eyes after a time interval by blacking out the screen.

5. Your Stack

Have you ever feel that there should be an exact tool that solves a problem for you? On this website, people share their thoughts and insights about apps or products.

6. Waymark

Waymark is a straightforward yet effective tool to solve a single simple task, creating a simple project timeline image. That’s all. Still, it looks awesome!

7. Mine

Mine is an app that shows how much information companies have about you. I am not sure how they are doing it, but I guess they might be using Gmail history. Still, give it a try. The results are fascinating!

8. Information is beautiful

This site shows interesting statistics with nice visualizations.

9. Doropomo

Doropomo is the reverse of Pomodoro. They suggest rest for 25 mins and study for 5 minutes, which sounds stupid, and fun.

10. UPLIST ASCII Emotions

I didn’t find this website on ProductHunt, but it is awesome! They let you copy pretty ASCII emojis. Like these ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (◉-◉) :

░░░▐░░█▄░░░▄█░░▌▄▄▀▀▀▀█ #Pikachu

11. HelpNinja

HelpNinja helps you to unsubscribe as bulk to the mail lists.

12. Tastedive

Tastedive helps you find new movies, TV shows, music, books, etc., by looking at your generated lists. I think its recommendations are good enough.

13. aidungeon

This website is super cool! It lets you create a whole new story. It is supported by AI and NLP features. It also allows generating stories with a friend.

Definitely a must-check app.

14. artbreeder

AI-powered Artbreeder lets you create new art from existing images.

15. is a nice platform to generate cool presentations.

16. Akiflow

Akiflow is a nice app that helps you to organize your todos and your calendar.

That’s it. As I say, some of the apps might not be posted on ProductHunt. However, I believe they all deserve to be on this list. Of course, there are many more cool apps out there that I am not aware of.

Do not hesitate to share your favorite ProductHunt apps in the comments section.

Emre Tolga Ayan

Data Scientist. Tech-savvy. Chess enthusiast.